My name's Krzysztof, I love painting stuff for games




Hi, my name's Krzysztof Dycha, also known as Ravenmore. I paint stuff for games and make asset packs for game developers in any spare time I have left. I've illustrated books, worked on PC games, mobile games, boardgames and collectible card games. I had an absolute blast doing it, I might add. So what can I do for you today?


Both as UI and as in-game sprites. Perfect for RPG, strategy and puzzle games.


Clean painterly interfaces to give your game a unique feel.

Characters & props

Images of characters and props for your game. Both as quick rough concepts and polished pieces.


Detailed images great for a splash screen, main menu background, promotional pieces or even box/cover art

Get in touch

Like what you see? Doesn't matter if you need a couple of icons for your game or looking for a full-time artist, get in touch and we'll see what can be done. Also don't hesitate if you just want to say "Hi! Keep going, nice work" :)