Emperor Moloch

Various Brushes

Starting with pet peeves…

First of all I hate when artists sell brushes. It takes five minutes to build them. Selling them creates a perception: oh, I’ll buy this brush set and I’ll paint like this gal/guy.

That’s just not how this works. The “secret” is in HOW the artist uses these brushes. And developing that process takes time So if you’re selling a video of your process and including the brushes, that’s pretty awesome.

Brushes alone? Ugh…

Sometimes they are really neat. But 95% of the time…especially if you’re an established artist…guys, c’mon, we can do better than nickle-and-diming beginner artists.

I do my best to share as much as I can, so whenever I find a brush that takes less than 10minutes to figure out, I just re-create it and publish for free.

You can check out the slowly growing collection here: https://ravenmoreart.gumroad.com/