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Blender Notes


As with all other learning pages it’s just like my super rough sketchbook where I track things I found useful, usually for low poly stuff, illustration block-ins and small Blender prototypes. Hm, maybe useful is the wrong word, more like “harder to remember” or “how did I not use this all these years?!”. In short, anything that catches my attention.

Excues the randomness, this tends to jump from extreme basics to “woah, what an interesting super-specialized technique”.

Most frequently used shortcuts


Shortcut Function
1,2,3 Vertex/Edge / Face selection
Shift+Spacebar Modelling options quick menu
Ctrl+B Bevel
Shift+C Cursor to Center (Also resets camera)

Rendering Tips

I want to remind myself I know these. Various bits and pieces of knowledge I actually use in my process from time to time.

Array of Objects rotated around center point.

  • Create an Empty where you want your rotation center.
  • Select the game object you want to make an Array of. Set it’s Origin to where the Empty is.
  • Add an Array modifier, uncheck “Relative Offset” and check “Object Offset”
  • Set the Empty as your Object Offset em…object.
  • Increase # of copies and rotate the Empty! Voila!

Using an “Infinite Background” like in photography

  • Create a large flat plane.
  • Extrude one of it’s edges vertically
  • Use Bevel (Ctrl+B) with a lot of segments, like 70-90. Make sure to set these freshly beveled faces to Shade Smooth.

Infinite Background Modelling Pic 1

Infinite Background Modelling Pic 2

Other Useful / Uncategorized

Overlay dropdown -> Statistics : Display Vertex/Edge/Face count. Super useful!

References & Resources

A lot of the things here are from experienced pros kind enough to share their knowledge. I try to keep a list with everyone I got ideas from.

Also another list of where I get resources from.

Helpful People: