Emperor Moloch

Space Rage / Unreal Engine / Blueprint

Space Rage

…no, I have no idea why I call these assets “Space Rage”. It just popped into my head. They’re about space and shooting.

I loved Tyrian when I was a kid. Dan Cook’s sprites were just perfect. Never really followed the plot of the game, too much reading, but it was just beautiful.

Always wanted to try my hand at building my own set of sprites, but so far I’ve always fizzled out after a dozen or so. I still make an attempt almost every year though.

Most recent attempt, that was going pretty decently until I fizzled out again. I feel the flat top-down look would make these more useful general-purpose assets for many sorts of games, not just shooters.

Red Enemy Sprites

Earlier attempt I found buried on my drive. I actually kind of enjoy the faux perspective looking back on this. Also much less straight lines or symmetrical curves than ususal, giving them a nicer, more dynamic vibe. Also like the thicc-thin line contrast.

Green Enemy Sprites

Implementation attempts

The red ones I used a bit in my Unreal Engine attempt to create a super simple space shooter in Blueprint. Would be great to document that someday.